Sportsbet Review

The quality that Sportsbet displays on its website helps to classify the service as one of the top bookmakers in Australia. The website itself has been optimized for user accessibility – there is no unnecessary text, images are spread out evenly throughout the page and there are no external advertisements, all ensuring that anyone returning for a second visit will be just as excited as they were the first time.

Of course, punters don’t visit Sportsbet just to admire the design – the site offers competetive odds, especially within the horse racing results. Wagers can be placed either online ($1) or through the phone ($20), and best of all, Sportsbet is the only company that offers the best dividend’s from each of the three national tabs, all in one place under the City Best wager. Australian TAB punters can opt up for some major dividends, while any other odds on the site will pay out just as well.

Some of the advantages of Sportsbet:

Easy to place bets

1. Low starting bets, competitive odds, high dividend payouts. It takes only a small amount of money to get started, and after registering an account you can easily place a bet online for any sport of choice. It is up to you to decide how much you want to deposit. Sportsbet covers sports and races all over Australia.

Safe and secure

2. Creating an account with Sportsbet allows you to monitor and keep track of all your placed bets. The website is encrypted with SSL security, verified by Verisign and accepted by Visa and Mastercard. You can be at ease of mind when entering credentials online through the internet at Sportsbet.

20% top up on your first deposit

3. On any initial deposit of up to $500 AUD, Sportsbet will present to you a Free Bet of up to the value of 20%. This Free Bet can be used to place a wager on any sport or race online. This extra money provides you with the opportunity to win back your initial investment.

International signups allowed

4. Residents outside of Australia are re-directed to a dedicated sign-up form which will ask for all necessary details to become a member on Sportsbet. After the registration is complete, non-Australian residents can easily deposit money onto their online account and bet on races and sports as any other member.

Live updates on the home page

5. You can keep on track of all the newest sports to bet on, and find constant updates on race horses and how many more meters they have until they jump.

Additional offers

6. Opportunity to claim extra profits by new offers on the website every so often. Sportsbet makes sure that punters have the opportunity to make back all the money they ever spent on betting – with examples such as the Million Dollar Tripping which is completely free to join and enters you for a chance to share a chest of over $1,000,000 cash.

Flexible Internet betting

7. Internet betting is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a minimum bet of $1. The online betting is operational all year round, thus anybody wishing to try their luck can do so at any time on Sportsbet.

Live on-line help

8. An live chat is located on the website that provides real-time assistance to anyone who has a question or needs more particular information about how to use the website.

Sportsbet is a website that really does stand out from the rest. They do not charge members any fees for credit card processing, depositing, withdrawal or any account keeping fees. This means that as a member, any money you deposit in there will not be taken away by any ‘fees’ and therefore you can fully utilize whatever you put in to bet on your favourite sport or race. is Australia’s oldest licensed sports bookmaker. It is headed by Chief Executive Matthew Tripp who has worked in the bookmaking business since the 1980’s. Sportsbet has been licensed in the Northen Territory by the Northen Territory Racing Commission (NTRC) and has been operating in Australia for nearly 15 years.

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