State all exemplars within the concept( ELIMINATION) for your semester. State the relationship of the exemplars to the concept. If there are more than three (3) exemplars list all and state the relationship of three.


The main exemplars under elimination are:
Paralytic Ileus/Bowel Obstruction
Crohns Disease
Neurogenic Bladder
3. Define one exemplar. Link that exemplar to your clinical experience
A patient with a Bowel obstruction was my clinical experience
4. Analyze the application of your exemplar to your clinical experience
5. State the outcome of the exemplar to your clinical experience
6. The paper is organized utilizing spelling grammar and APA format. Paper is 2-5 pages not including the title and reference page.
7. Minimum of four references are cited in the paper:
Nursing journal articles less than 5 years old
One may be textbook reference and one (medical surgical nursing lewis 9th edition)
website reference
References MUST be in APA format

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