State of north Korea

Description Power, Politics, and Society Types of State Power Michael Mann provided the following table to illustrate the two dimensions of state power: Infrastructural co-ordination Despotic power low high low feudal bureaucratic high Imperial authoritarian In this assignment, choose a contemporary state and assess its type of power along the dimensions of despotic and infrastructural powers. You will need to: 1) Pick a contemporary state. You could include USA or China that we discussed in class. But also think of interesting cases such as North Korea, Brazil, Japan and Yemen. 2) Examine the political system: institutions, electoral system, political freedoms, bureaucracy, language, protests, movements, violence and so on and make a conclusion on how much and what type of power it has. You may use any reliable source to form your conclusion (news reports, journal articles, books, reliable documentaries) 3) Write it down beautifully in the form of an argument supported by a few pieces of evidence. Contact me if you have any question or doubts. Please write your response as a 1500-2000 word, A4, double-spaced text (in Times New Roman). * Mann, Michael. 1984. “The Autonomous Power of the State: Its Origins, Mechanisms and Results.” Archives Européennes de Sociologie, 25:185–213.

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