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STIs in Pregnancy


  1. Which is the recommended way to deliver for clients in labor who have active genital herpes lesions or early ndings of an impending outbreak?
  2. Which medication should the nurse expect a provider to order for the treatment of gonorrhea?
  3. Which vaccine to protect against a TORCH infection is not given during pregnancy?
  4. Which STI is the most commonly reported in American women?
  5. How many stages are there to Syphilis?
  6. Which medication in combination with pyrimethamine, although potentially harmful to the fetus, is used for the treatment of              1/2 1/4/22, 3:36 PM Criss Cross Puzzle | Discovery Education Puzzlemaker


  1. Which STI is manifested in females with a yellow-green, frothy vaginal discharge with a foul odor?
  2. Which antibiotic is the medication of choice for the neonatal prophylactic treatment against gonorrhea and chlamydia?


  1. Which infection typically has no manifestations in females yet can lead to tubal scarring and lead to PID?
  2. During pregnancy, which infection is treated to prevent oral thrush in the neonate?
  3. Which bacterial infection is tested between 35 to 38 weeks gestation using a vaginal and rectal swab?
  4. What is the best way to prevent cytomegalovirus?
  5. What is the most common treatment for GBS in labor?
  6. Which infection is caused by consumption of raw or undercooked meat or handling cat feces?
  7. Which treatment for chlamydia is contraindicated during pregnancy and could reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives?
  8. Which TORCH infection manifests with painful blisters and tender lymph nodes?
  9. Black, Hispanic, and other racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States are disproportionately affected by this STI.
  10. Which common STI manifests with small cauli ower-like warts in the genital area?

Use the clues to fill in the words above.

Words can go across or down.

Letters are shared when the words intersect.

18 of 18 words placed.

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