Strategic Business Sustainability
Question and Requirement
Reflective Exercise
An individual reflective piece (1500 words) is to be submitted to the MSc Office. This piece will be a reflection of how you think your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs have been changed by this module. The lecturer is not interested in a summary of the lecture notes but in a more personal interpretation of what you think you have learnt from the module. You may also reflect on the wider knowledge, learning and management skills acquired from the module, including the presentations and your own reading and research. Work needs to be referenced where appropriate. In particular, the lecturer will be interested to know what you think you have gained from the module and how your own thinking and personal development has been altered or changed as a result of the module. This exercise is not a reflection of the running of the module (this can be expressed in the feedback questionnaires), but of your application and understanding of the content and subject of sustainability.

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