Strategic Evangelism Plan for a local church

Section I

Bible must be quoted through out the paper The Great Commission – Jesus told people to go out and tell people about the good news Acts – Paul planted many churches and trained other leaders Timothy also was a leader and planted churches and worked with leaders Thesis: It is important to train leaders, disciple, and evangelize in order to tell the lost about the love of Jesus. If we do not evangelize Christianity will become extinct. Information form all the books should be a part of this section. I am attaching a list of books that must be used, see Course Syllabus and Annotated Bib (At least 10 pages)

Section II Mt. Gilead is the church model we will follow. You do not have to list all of the names but the church structure is important for this assignment. (For the History portion) (at least 4 pages) Section III How we are going to put everything together to reach outside the walls see “Strategic Evangelism Instructions..strategy, promotional…) (at least 4 pages)

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