strategic planning

Description of the Order: BUS3110M-1516 ASSIGNMENT


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1. Pick two of the strategic management models listed below:
Industry Life Cycle, The Cultural Web, The Porters Five Forces, and Porters Generic Strategies
• Internationalization Drivers Yips

2. Give concrete examples to show how the two models can be used in the auto sector.

3. Analyze the two models critically, pointing out their advantages and disadvantages. Give some advice on how to overcome these restrictions.

4. In light of your analysis, what suggestions would you offer a car business that is currently formulating a plan to increase its competitiveness in this market? Describe how these suggestions would enhance their plan of action.

Format: 3000 words (plus or minus 10%) of writing


You must turn in a print copy to the Business School Reception as well as an electronic one via Turnitin.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the assignment: • Structure and presentation • Key idea comprehension • Analysis and argument • Use of the literature
90-100%: a grade that is on par with a first when all aspects of the work are superb;
A score between 80 to 89% indicates that the work is remarkable in most respects and is consistent with a first.
A score between 70 and 79% is considered to be a first. Work that demonstrates excellent content, organization, presentation, reasoning, and originality; independent reading and thinking evidence; a clear and authoritative grasp of theoretical positions; the capacity to sustain an argument; and the ability to think critically and/or analytically and to synthesize information successfully.
A score between 60 and 69% is equivalent to an upper second. Clear evidence of critical judgment in the selection, ordering, and analysis of content; well-organized and lucid coverage of the main points in an answer; intelligent interpretation and assured use of evidence, examples, and references; some ability to synthesize content and to construct responses that reveal insight and may offer some originality.
50-59%: a range of grades consistent with the lower second; demonstrates an understanding of the key issues and uses pertinent materials in a generally businesslike approach; limited evidence of additional reading; possible unevenness in the organization of the answers and failure to grasp the more nuanced points; some critical analysis and a fraction of insight should be present.
The lower end of the range corresponds to a minimum or threshold pass. 40-49%: a range of marks that is consistent with a third class; demonstrates a limited understanding with no enrichment of the fundamental course material presented in classes; superficial lines of argument and muddled presentation; little or no attempt to relate issues to a broader framework.
35-39%: While not a passing grade, it may be good enough to deserve advancement to the next level. It accomplishes many of the learning outcomes necessary for a mark of 40% but falls short in one or more areas.
30–34%: a fail; may meet some learning objectives but falls short in most respects; demonstrates a serious lack of comprehension of the foundational course material and scant research.
0-29%: a fail; significant factual errors demonstrating a lack of knowledge of the fundamental concepts covered in the course; falls far short of the learning objectives for reimbursement.



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