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(Our company that weve created- SOLAR AC) will be attached on the order and ACCORDING to it you should apply and do the requirements Business-Level Strategy 1. Show the analysis leading to the formulation of the business strategy for the company that we created and in an attached file, and defining such business strategy as based on the FIVE BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGIES. (Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focused Cost Leadership, Focused Differentiation, and Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation) 1.1 Select a business-level strategy for the company (ATTACHED FILE). You need to prove your choice of the business-level strategy relative to each competitive force in Porters five forces model and how this strategy is implemented to achieve above average returns. 1.2 Mention the competitive risks associated with selected business strategy. Corporate-Level Strategy 2. Show the analysis leading to the formulation of a corporate strategy in terms of product/service diversification in the company (attached file), and defining such a corporate strategy as based on mainly (Corporate-Level Strategy) and Strategic acquisition and restructuring, and the International Strategy. 2.1 Analyze and identify the level of diversification of the company<(ATTACHED) (Low level, moderate, very high of diversification). You need to elaborate on the description of your diversification strategy. 2.2 Discuss and identify the reasons for diversification by the company, (the company which is on the attached file) (Value creating, value neutral, and value reducing diversification). IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1) DO NOT TAKE MANY SOURCES, MOSTLY WRITE ON YOU OWN WORDS> IF you take sources, Maximum is 3 to 4 reference resources. 2) DO NOT COPY PASTE 3) USE GOOGLE SCHOLAR for the Essay PLEASE , if using any source 4) DO NOT MAKE THE PLAGIARISM RATE and the SIMILARITY RATE to be over 10% or 13% because we use (TURN-IT-IN) program that can find out and calculate it. 5) USE simple words when writing and make the paper sound as a STANDARD A STUDENT not as a PROFFESSIONAL please and THANK YOU PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME REFERENCE AS THE ORDER 81544957 BECAUSE WE ARE USING THE SAME SUBJECT AND REQUIREMENTS AND ALSO THE ATTACHED COMPANY WE CREATED. WRITE ON YOUR OWN WORDS AND MAKE SURE NOT TO USE THE SAME REFERENCE, BE SURE TO MAKE WRITERS OF THE ORDER 81544957 and 81546450 TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION. THANK YOU

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