Structure the poem to meet the rhyme scheme,

How to write a Shakespearean sonnet. Write a sonnet (14 lines): 1. Select a topic, 2. Divide your theme into two sections (first present the issue, then solve it), 3. Structure the poem to meet the rhyme scheme, 4. Write each line in iambic pentameter (5 sets of iambs: unstressed followed by a stressed syllable) to create a natural rhythm in each line. (Present the main idea of the poem. Sonnets follow one single idea.) A_______________________________________________________________________________ B_______________________________________________________________________________ A_______________________________________________________________________________ B_______________________________________________________________________________ (Use figurative language to build the idea for the rest of the poem) C_______________________________________________________________________________ D_______________________________________________________________________________ C_______________________________________________________________________________ D_______________________________________________________________________________ (Here begins the “Volta,” or turning point. Answer the “questions” being posed in lines 1-8.)
E_______________________________________________________________________________ F_______________________________________________________________________________ E_______________________________________________________________________________ F_______________________________________________________________________________ (Last two lines are a heroic couplet that summarize or conclude the poem) G_______________________________________________________________________________ G_______________________________________________________________________________

Sample Sonnet

A Funeral in Spring Were I to die on such a day as this, Would shade and wind turn daytime into night? When sun and spring dream of perpetual bliss For shadows of lost voices pray for light.

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And all hydrangeas blossom like young love While winter’s dark embrace disturbs her cave The tulips brave to face the sun above, And hollow eyes of summer, deep and grave.

Yet I would rather go in dark silence When lightning strikes and leaves swirl in a storm. To bring with dreams nostalgia-bathed cadence In which my essence, name, and shape transform.

Until in colors, shadows, memories, Escapes my soul, shall you enjoy this breeze.

Now… let’s break this down (mark the iambic pentameter and rhyme scheme):

Were I / to die/ on such/ a day /as this, Would shade/ and wind/ turn day/time in/to night? When sun/ and spring/ dream of/ perpet/ual bliss For sha/dows of/ lost voi/ces pray/ for light. And all/ hydran/geas blos/som like/ young love While win/ter’s dark/ embrace/ disturbs/ her cave The tu/lips brave/ to face/ the sun/ above, And hol/low eyes/ of sum/mer, deep/ and grave. Yet I/ would ra/ther go/ in dark/ silence When light/ning strikes/ and leaves/ swirl in/ a storm. To bring/ with dreams/ nostal/gia-bathed/ cadence In which/ my es/sence, name,/ and shape/ transform. Until/ in co/lors, shad/ows, me/mories, Escapes/ my soul,/ shall you/ enjoy/ this breeze.

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