Students are asked to compose an essay addressing the following topic:  In 2018,

Students are asked to compose an essay addressing the following topic:  In 2018, the Retail Food Group has become embroiled in scandals after it was accused of wage fraud and reported that the treatment of franchisees and their employees were akin to ‘slavery’. This has led to a number of shareholder class action suits and serious doubts as to whether the franchising model remains fit for purpose. Making reference to relevant business strategy concepts, frameworks and theories, critically identify and assess what are some of the key strategic causes/problems that led to these issues within the RFG and the franchising business model? Your answer must include clear links to contemporary strategy concepts/topics covered in this unit, plus a consideration of the international, cross-cultural and ethical contexts. Your essay must identify and critically evaluate the key issues of the topic. A quality essay will not only directly address the question/topic itself, but also recognise the relevant strategic context. The use of statistics and industry data/trends is strongly encouraged. However, the KEY to a high quality essay is applying the relevant business strategy concepts and theories in a practical scenario. Organise and structure your essay in a clear, logical essay format, i.e. Introduction, Body paragraphs and Conclusion. See Essay Marking Rubric and Feedback Sheet on the Moodle site and the Q-Manual for guidelines on how to structure academic essays (see the link to the QManual in the Learning Resources section of this unit guide). Your essay must include a reference list according to the APA style at the end of the essay, as outlined in the Q-Manual. A mix of academic journals, peer-reviewed articles, business reports, company websites and newspaper articles can be used, but there should be a strong emphasis on academic journals. You MUST include AT LEAST 8 academic journal article sources. Relevant articles are included in the unit reading list. You are advised to use these materials to understand the relevant theories and concepts. Please Note: Headings are not to be used. The reference list and appendices are NOT counted in the word limit, but in-text citations are. Words in tables and diagrams are counted in the word limit, but should not drive the analysis. Instead, tables should provide summaries of what is contained in the body of the essay. The analysis is contained in the sentences and paragraphs. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that it is impossible to produce an acceptable essay if you have not researched widely. Some have failed the assignment because of lack of sufficient research, so it is important to start work on it early. Release date: Not applicable Word limit:  1800 words (+/-10%) Presentation requirements: Assignments must be submitted with a signed cover sheet. They must also follow the essay format, ie. Introduction, Discussion/Body paragraphs and Conclusion. See the Individual Essay Marking and Feedback Sheet on Moodle and the Q-Manual for guidelines on how to structure academic essays (see the link to the Q-Manual in the Learning Resources section of this unit guide). All assignments MUST be submitted with either size 11 or 12 font, and with double spacing. MGB3684 Business strategy – Semester 2 (S2-01) – 2018 11 Estimated return date: Two weeks after submission Criteria for marking: Introduction – 10% Body – 60% Conclusion – 10% Evidence of Research – 10% Referencing – 5% Presentation – 5% It is ESSENTIAL that students view the Individual Essay Marking Rubric and Feedback Sheet on the Moodle site prior to commencing the task. Check to see if your work is addressing each of the individual criteria before you submit your assessment – if you can’t see how it addresses the criteria, then your marker won’t be able to either! 

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