Students should complete this assignment individually. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assignment on your own.

 Write an essay outlining your concept of digital idea and are a start-up, its value proposition, sources of funding, cost structure, pertinent clientele, and essential processes and resources

(See the course webpage for the due date.)
Value: 5%
Question for Essay Assessment:
Answer the following in an essay of no more than 250 words:
Evaluation Question:
You have a digital idea and are a start-up. Write an essay outlining your concept, its value proposition, sources of funding, cost structure, pertinent clientele, and essential processes and resources. Describe your funding plan for the idea as well as your plan for turning it into an invention.
Special Requirements
1. Bear in mind that after submitting your own assessment item, you must conduct two evaluations and grade the work that other students have provided using the peer review system.
2. You must use the URL provided on the course website to upload your essay as a PDF file.
3. You are not obliged to submit the journal’s plagiarism report. However, it is highly advised that you examine the journals using a plagiarism detection tool (this can be any tool that does so) and store the report in a secure place. If there are “similarities” in the report, you will receive a “zero” and be immediately sent to the faculty for further action.
4. Email submissions are, under no circumstances, accepted.
5. Each student must finish this task independently. While discussing the assignment with others will help you better comprehend it and define its criteria, you should come up with the assignment’s solution on your own.
6. Regardless of the course director’s approval, any submission delays must be supported by the appropriate approved documents. Due to the possibility that markers may not have access to postpone approvals, kindly attach the approval to this assignment. If the approved papers cannot be located, the university’s late fee policy will be applied.
7. Assignments must be sent in using the supplied link. It is considered that they were not submitted if they were not submitted using the link. Since the course staff does not have access to other places, it is exceedingly challenging to follow assignments that were turned in there.
8. A report of plagiarism is not required. You save it for reference in the future.
9. Late submissions may be subject to fines in accordance with USQ/BELA rules (for further information, visit
10. The criteria listed below will be used to assess case-based learning activities:
A: Maximum Marks for Synthesis (40%)
Maximum marks (20%) for C: READABILITY
D: WRITING QUALITY: 20% of the possible marks
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