Subject area and objectives of your study (30 40 words)

Please be as precise as possible.

In a customer service department with a direct interface between an employee and a customer, this study aims to demonstrate the relationship between staff and customer satisfaction.

What inspired you to do this research? (300 350 words). Explain how the research will affect the organization in your justification. You can consult supporting academic resources, methodology, and suggestions for conducting an organization-wide survey, among other things.

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This study aims to demonstrate that, before considering any strategic plans to improve customer satisfaction, an organization must prioritize employee satisfaction and put all feasible measures in place to increase employee satisfaction to grow its customer base and, ultimately, its overall business. The study aims to demonstrate that employee contentment or dissatisfaction, particularly in service-oriented organizations, directly affects a company’s bottom line.
There is a wealth of literature available on customer satisfaction, and references may be found for numerous earlier studies on related topics. However, this study will take place in a telecom business that competes in a conservative industry and does not place enough value on employee satisfaction. As a result, both qualitative and quantitative research approaches will be used to conduct the study. This method will make it simpler to support findings from one methodology with findings from another. A wider pool of staff from a telecommunication company’s call center will be used to administer questionnaires that follow a predetermined pattern. The survey’s qualitative findings will be obtained through interviews with a random sample of respondents.
The organization will benefit from this research’s understanding of the significance of employee satisfaction and its connection to the company’s financial health. Additionally, it will assist the company in bridging the gap between top management, who typically are unaware of staff-related concerns, and the employee at the customer touch point level. Tools like “Balanced Scorecards” can be suggested for the organization to assess the issue, emphasize the value of employee satisfaction, and take appropriate action to either increase it or, at the very least, manage it so that it has no negative effects on business.

Proposal Format

The research proposal should be brief, with no more than 1500 words total, without including your progress schedule. Only after receiving agreement from your supervisor and the independent study tutor should a significant departure (such as a change in topic) from the accepted research proposal be made. It is crucial to emphasize the Research Proposal’s significance as a statement of purpose because the examiners will use it to determine if you successfully carried it out. Additionally, it indicates an understanding between you and the supervisor regarding the viability of the University of Derby Online Learning project proposal and the standards by which it will be evaluated. It is advised that you deliver your dissertation using the format listed below.

Your working title should accurately describe the subject matter of your proposed study. The title ought to be concise and specific.

What are the aims and goals of your research?
Your justifications for the study’s specific emphasis, and the underlying literature to which the project pertains, should be included in this area. Important citations should be underlined. The crucial portion of the proposal is this. It should explain to the reader why you believe the planned research is worthwhile. This could indicate a challenge that needs to be overcome or something intriguing that has piqued your interest. The reader will seek proof that you have enough interest to get you through the arduous months ahead here. Additionally, you will demonstrate your familiarity with the pertinent literature in this part. Additionally, it will clarify how your suggestion fits within the literature’s argument. You will be required to demonstrate a direct connection between the content of your proposal and the prior research done in your area of interest. (2003) Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, p. 30

The goals and objectives must be clear, manageable, and observable. We advise you to focus on just one objective. Talk to your supervisor if you are unclear about the number of aims and objectives.

Research Review
Brief assessment of the pertinent literature and justification for the study (attach references to about six major publications on a separate sheet; copies of the publications are not required):
A description of the study’s techniques and design (Research Strategy and Methodology)
It will specify in full how you plan to reach your research goals. Additionally, it will support your approach selection in light of those goals. You may accomplish these two goals by separating your technique section into two sections—research design and data collection. You will describe the location of the research in the parton research design. Additionally, it would be best if you described who makes up your research population. This part should also include a broad explanation of how you plan to conduct the research. Will it be based on research from surveys, interviews, secondary data analysis, or a combination of these methods? Once more, it is crucial to justify your method selection. Your justification should be based on the best method for achieving your research goals. The section on research design provides a broad overview of the method selected and the justification for that selection. (2003) Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, p. 30

Timetable: You must provide a thorough timeline for your research. You can list the many phases of your research using an embedded Excel file, a table, or a Gantt graphic. This timetable will bind you and your supervisor, so you must strictly adhere to it. You are suggested to create a schedule you and your supervisor should approve of. This will help you allocate your time to the various tasks required in conducting research. When releasing your schedule, you should keep the following in mind: From the deadline for submitting the dissertation, work backward through the schedule. Put a time limit on each work that is necessary for your dissertation and identify itAllow for slack toTo deal wite unforeseen delays that are certain to occck. Discuss the schedule with your manager.



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