Subject name is Digital Marketing


The primary website for this assignment is RedBalloon at
I’ll send my group’s assignment, Digital_Marketing_Plan_Concept_Brief.docx, for you to review. This was a group project.
2. The contents page
3. Initialization
4. The company’s history 5. The state of the market
6. General and SMART goals and issues
7. Online marketing tactics
8. Action Plan for E-Marketing Mix (3600 words total)
There’s no need to write. Executive summary, first Budget 9.10. Control and evaluation, as my fellow group member will carry it out
Please see Chapter 4 and the associated RACE digital marketing plan template smart insights document for information on how to formulate your strategy (50%).

APA citation fashion
All the requirements and the assignment structure will be uploaded to you.
Please heed the instructions I’m about to give you.
Please read the entire material I’ve uploaded to you.

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