submit your softcopy online using the respective BlackBoard assignment submission link. ( In special circumstances, you can submit hard copy of your assignment in the class to your lecturer or submit your hard copy of your assignment at Holmes Institute reception ground level, 185 Spring Street. )


Video Library at Monash

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You must create a User Requirements Document using the Monash Video Library Case Study below. It is recommended that the following structure serve as the basis for the document’s framework:
1. An overview of the business (goals, objectives, current situation, issues, gaps, and opportunities); 2. data collection and analysis; 3.
Modeling of logical processes,
4. Data normalization and modeling
5. Analysis of Feasibility
6. A list of the functional and non-functional business requirements
7. An offer from business
8. Issues with Implementation

Video Library at Monash
In order to turn a profit, the Monash Video Library buys videocassettes and rents them out to its users. The company now manages its loans with a somewhat dated PC program. The library has added three new stores since this software was purchased, and each one makes use of a standalone version of the program. Management has made the decision to create an updated information system with a common database in order to enhance customer service and obtain a competitive edge in order to compete with the major video store chains.
The suggested new system would contain a quick and precise catalog to let users know which videos are available in each location by a variety of different genres (such as action, comedy, etc.) or which ones are held featuring their favorite actors. The catalog will also indicate whether a specific video is on hand at the store that day. Members will have the option to “hold” a certain video if they so choose.
It will be possible to find out with accuracy who members have borrowed specific videos and when those recordings are expected to be returned. This should motivate customers to swiftly return their DVDs. The present membership system has proven to be slow and error-prone when it comes to keeping track of loans. Profits could rise as video turnaround times get better.
In order to concentrate more effectively on the videos that are most likely to be suitable for the shop, management will also be able to examine the borrowing habits of members. Additionally, they want to know which users are most likely to send back footage after their due dates. They could be able to provide more affordable memberships to loyal customers.
The specifics of each purchase order will be saved in order to keep track of the expenditures associated with buying videos. This knowledge will be used to choose suppliers, bargain for lower pricing on future purchases, and assist with auditing.
Submission of Assignment: Assignment Due by 5:00 PM on Friday, Week 10, 2016.
Guidelines for Assignment Submission: Please use the appropriate BlackBoard assignment submission link to submit your soft copy online. (In exceptional cases, you may hand in a physical copy of your assignment to your lecturer in class or drop it off at the Holmes Institute reception area on the ground floor, 185 Spring Street.)

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