Substitution mutation occurs in the gre

Question:  A substitution mutation occurs in the GRE making it unrecongnizable to the glucocorticoid receptor. What impact would this have on the transcription of the gene downstream of this element?
-reduced transcription downstream
-increase transcription downstream
-no change to transcription, increased translation

Question:  The enzyme in the TCA cycle that catalyzes a substrate level phosphorylation is
-citrate dehydrogenase
-succinate thiokinase
-isocitrate dehydrogenase

Question:  A thiamine defiency will result in decreased activity of:
-G-6 phosphase

Question:  Several TCA cycle intermediates can be used as a substrate for the synthesis of other compounds. Succinyl CoA is on intermediate that is directly used for the synthesis of which of the following compounds?
-ribulose 5 P


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