Summarize the overall history of your assigned Asian culture(Vietnam)

The assign country is Vietnam,please follow the instruction below, no plagiarism, and use simple word.
Be on time ! Thanks

What to Write?
Food is fundamental to life. As a result, whether we realize it or not, food has been a major catalyst across all of history, from prehistoric times to the present. In every era, the unfolding of history has been intimately tied to the need for food, the production of food, and the culture of food.
In Part 2, you will research and write the integral role of food in the unfolding history of the Asian culture of Vietnam. In addition, you will learn about all three cultures and cuisine by reading and responding to your peers’ posts.
Specifically, please consider the following when you publish the post:

Briefly introduce the intimate ties between food and history in the Asian culture you are assigned to
Summarize the overall history of your assigned Asian culture(Vietnam)
Examine food evolution and its integral role in different eras from prehistory to our own times
Synthesize the impacts of history in shaping the food culture in Vietnam

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Please have the following requirements in mind when crafting your post:
Your post writing should be a cohesive research paper, not a Q&A session.

Use at least THREE references from library resources and credible online sources to support your opinion
Use APA styles for citations and references
The final publish should be at least 500 words. However, depth matters more than length.
Part 2=ONE post + THREE responses

How to Write?
First, research and write about history and its impact on food of the Asian culture you are assigned to (12 points)
Here is an outline of the steps to writing a good online post on a brief overall history and food history of an Asian culture. The process is similar to write any good research paper, which takes time and practice.
1. Make sure you know what the discussion prompt is asking
Part 2 requires you to write a brief overall history of the Asian country you are assigned to and examine the integral role of food evolution in each historical era. You may start with a brief introduction of food evolution from a historical perspective in your assigned Asian culture. Then you can discuss the overall history in this Asian culture, maybe by eras. You are not required to have a comprehensive examination of every historical era and event. Instead this post should focus on brief introducing the country’s history. In each era, you might want to examine the changes in food, such as food production and food culture, the role of historical events played in these changes, and/or the role of food as a catalyst or media in historical events. In the end, you can discuss how history shapes the food culture and cuisine to the way it is today. Your post should be a cohesive argument, not a laundry list of time and historical events.

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