Summarize the threats and opportunities facing your organization gleaned from your analysis.

Complete an analysis of the key external factors that have implications for successful implementation of the National Institutes of Health(NIH) VMO, strategy
and goals/objectives.

You will examine NIH’s industry and the competitive conditions/positioning affecting it now or likely to do so in the future.

Paper is 2,000-word double-spaced APA-formatted paper. The title page, reference list, and any appendices are not included in this suggested word count.

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DO NOT need to include an abstract.

The paper should address these topics:

1. A brief explanation of the industry (or industries) in which your organization operates as well as context for your organization’ current

2. Analyze the current conditions in your organization’s industry and in its relevant general environment and their likely implications for
successful implementation of your organization’s strategic goals and related actions. Be sure to address the PESTEL framework.

3. Apply Porter’s Five-Forces Model to enrich your understanding of the environment in which your organization is now or may be
operating. The Five Forces model should stress that this model is used to evaluate the industry, not your selected organization’s
activities. The model should be used to isolate the dominant force(s) in the industry faced by all competitors and that produce the
greatest threat to your organization’s profits and/or strategy. You should discuss how your firm can provide a defense against this threat
or threats.

4. Describe your organization’s strategic group and construct a map to show its relative market position. Add in a discussion of your
rationale for the grouping.
5. Summarize the threats and opportunities facing your organization gleaned from your analysis. (SWOT analysis) Submit the SWOT
format in Table form and add in some narrative to discuss the threats and opportunities in more detail. Explain in your discussion (not
in the table) why you selected them and how they relate to the VMO and organization’s strategy.

6. Evaluate the extent to which your organization’s current strategy appears a good match for the competitive conditions it confronts or
any gaps that must be addressed.

7. Add in a strong conclusion that ensures the reader leaves your paper with a clear recap of your key points.

IMPORTANT: Do not just use someone else’s SWOT, Five Forces, or other analysis. We want you to think for yourself. Critically analyze
your firm and write about your original conclusions. Again, imagine you have been asked by the organization’s CEO or top leader to offer an
assessment of the organization and how well it is positioned (or not) to deliver on the VMO and strategy in the external environment. This is
a critical element, stand back and offer thoughtful criticism and recommendations.

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