INF10003 Introduction to Business Information Systems (IBIS)


Study Period 3, 2015 Individual Assignment 2

25% of the assessment value
Please email your online tutors, Halina Sykes at [email protected] or Rob Baxendale at [email protected], if you have any questions about this exam.
Additionally, consult the unit discussion board on Blackboard.
You produced a SwimLane diagram in the first assignment to display the business processes for Zucchero Pty. Ltd. as-is and an Excel spreadsheet with graphs to display their data for 2014. Your task was to collect data, analyze it, and present it in a business report for the general manager (Ms. Franka Spencer) so that she could better grasp the organization’s existing procedures and most recent statistical data.
You will play a more strategic role for Zucchero in this task (assignment two). You will be required to use an Excel spreadsheet that you made specifically for this purpose to analyze and forecast growth or decline. In addition, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to conduct research and write clearly in response to the general manager’s specific questions. Finally, you will be required to formulate recommendations based on an examination of your spreadsheet and your research.
NOTE: You can start assignment two even if you didn’t finish assignment one correctly.
Incomplete evaluations can lead to a higher learning curve for subsequent tests, just like with any course you study.
Any demands for a solution to Assignment 1 are therefore unnecessary and will not be met.
PTY LTD ZUCCHERO Imaginary Case Study Example
Background Review: In Grafton, New South Wales, in 1959, Luigi Dolce, a former cane sugar farmer, established Zucchero Pty. Ltd. When he opened a mill and refinery to transform the sugar produced by nearby cane sugar farmers, he abandoned farming. Over the years, his company prospered and expanded into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with a significant market share in Australia and a growing export industry. In addition to a wide variety of sugar goods such as raw sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, etc., Zucchero also manufactures golden syrup and treacle.
The operational data necessary to run the business, including sales trends, distributor information, promotional data, and so forth, is not usually clearly documented, with some crucial data being known only to a small group of senior personnel. Although the company has a website, it just provides the bare minimum of details, such as contact information and product categories, making it difficult to say whether it brings in any new customers. In fact, Franka Spencer, the new general manager, thinks more can be done in this area because Zucchero employs so little marketing.
Franka needs to make calculated strategic choices in order to keep a competitive edge and see Zucchero thrive. She has requested that you submit the following details as a business report (with scholarly references):
replies to questions looking into modern business and technological concerns (see Task B).
For Task A, design three (3) forecast graphs in Microsoft Excel, one of which must be a pivot chart or graph, showing future estimates and growth/loss for 2015 and 2016.
Task A, page 2 of 6 Requirements: Zucchero Forecast Information
Create a copy of the Zucchero Excel spreadsheet (found on the following page and below). In conclusion, you must provide pertinent formulas for the areas underlined in yellow. Create three graphs from the projections (two that correspond to the provided examples and one of your choosing; see Task B 1.2), and then analyze the data as part of your answers to the Task B questions.
The spreadsheet must show competency with the following formulas: SUM, VLOOKUP, MIN, AVERAGE, MAX, INDEX/MATCH, PIVOT TABLE, and CHART.
The spreadsheet’s design and inclusion of pertinent headings must be polished. It should be created in a way that does not require vocal explanations for a non-technical person to grasp it.
Task A specifications, page 3 of 6: Zucchero Growth/Loss to Volume Sold in 2015-2016
Create a separate sheet for the pivot table and chart on the same Excel spreadsheet file.
From the pivot table above, create the following pivot chart:
Create the pivot table below to display the 2015–2016 variation in growth and loss rates for volume sold.
Task B: Page 4 Requirements:
Create a business report that addresses the following questions in accordance with the submission and report structure requirements (page 5) using the case study mentioned above and the Excel spreadsheet you made for Task A.
Note: Each response must include relevant examples that relate to Zucchero.
A minimum of three (3) in-text citations from reliable sources (e.g., books, journal articles, conference papers) should be included.
Business intelligence (BI) and knowledge management are two examples.
1.1 Describe the value of knowledge management and the goal of business intelligence. What is going on right now with some senior Zucchero employees?
Change the percentages in the two sensitivity tables in your Excel spreadsheet to demonstrate the effect they have on the rest of the spreadsheet. Create a graph of your choosing to illustrate the changes.
1.3 Describe how the general manager might benefit from business intelligence using the various projections in your Excel spreadsheet. Mention the three created graphs when giving examples.
SUGGESTION: Make sure to copy all three forecast graphs into your report.
Model of the Five Forces of Porter:
2.1 Employing Porter’s Five Forces Model, analyze Zucchero’s supplier power. How might this affect Zuccheros’ next sales?
2.2 Offer suggestions for tactics Zucchero can use to strengthen their competitive advantage. What part may information systems play in implementing these strategies?
SUGGESTION: Make sure to use examples from the Excel spreadsheet you made.
3 via social media.
The general manager of Zucchero wants to investigate how social media may be used to sell and increase product sales.
3.1 Outline for Franka two (2) key concerns that must be resolved before utilizing social media for direct consumer marketing and sales of Zucchero products.
4. Privacy: 4.1 Identify two (2) potential issues that the public might have if Zucchero gathers personal information in order to target them with advertisements.
5. Security: 5.1 Zucchero uses information on its workers, clients, farmers, distributors, inventory, and sales, among other things. Two (2) potential internal or external security threats that can jeopardize the integrity of data within Zucchero should be explained using pertinent instances.
5.2. Offer suggestions for protecting this data from the dangers you’ve outlined.
Implementing a supply chain management (SCM) system is something Zucchero should think about doing. Inform the general manager that supply chain management is more about managing information than it is about controlling the physical movement of goods.
5 of 6 pages
Conditions for Submission and Report Format
You can upload a maximum of three (3) files using Blackboard online:
1. A fully-filled-out FBL cover page, available at http://www.swinburne.edu.au/business-enterprise/current-students/studentadmin.html#forms (please type your name for the signature and check/uncheck box).
2. One (1) Excel file with your pivot table, graphs, and any calculations developed for Task A.
3. A Microsoft Word document with your business report, 2000 words (plus or minus 10%), and the report structure described below:
The word count does not include an executive summary. A table of contents that isn’t counted among the words? Introduction ? The report’s main body must contain: ? answers to Task B’s questions that include references within the text? Two (2) forecast graphs, together with one (1) pivot chart or graph, should be provided for Task A’s requirements. Final thoughts and general advice? Reference List (word count does not include this): at least three references, please. Throughout your report, you must utilize the Swinburne Harvard referencing style and make sure that this is not a bibliography. From the library, you can access the appropriate citation format at https://www.swinburne.edu.au/lib/studyhelp/harvard_style.html. (If necessary) Appendix (not counted in word count) The report’s pages should have the proper headers and footers, as well as printed page numbers. Every page should display your name and student ID, for example, in the footer.
NOTE: Your last name should be followed by your first name in the file name format (e.g., Smith_John_Assign2).
The scoring guidelines for this evaluation can be found on the document’s last page.
In accordance with the university’s regulations on extensions and late penalties, late assignments may result in a lower grade for the assignment.
Deadline Extensions A late submission will be penalized 10% of the assessment value for each calendar day it is late, up to a maximum of 5 days, unless an extension has been allowed. A zero result will be recorded after five days.
Any requests for extensions must be made through email to the convener and must be accompanied by the necessary supporting materials, like a doctor’s certificate or a letter from your employer.
1. If you don’t follow the assignment instructions, you won’t pass.
2. In accordance with Swinburne policies and regulations, any indication of plagiarism will result in formal or informal disciplinary action. Talk about the issue with your peers without a doubt, but avoid copying or sharing your final solutions that directly pertain to this case study with any other students (collaborative discussion with your peers around concepts and extra instances is strongly advised).
3. Keep backup copies of your assignments. You will need to re-produce your assignment if it fails, whether it was your error or ours.

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