Swot Analysis



SWOT analysis for the Hilton Hotels & Resorts

The Hilton Hotels & Resorts can be found all over the world. When it comes to strengths, first is that Hilton is a globally recognized brand. Unlike many other businesses in the industry, Hilton has a low employee turnover. Also, they are continually upgrading their hotels to provide the best customer experience. One of its weaknesses includes having to cope with and adjust to different government policies in the different countries. Some of the opportunities include promising emerging markets and improved use of technology for the best customer experience. The threats include unstable economies and political conflicts in some of the countries the Hilton operates in. The threat of competition is also great with competition on price point being a great issue. The data used for this analysis is secondary including published books and websites. This analysis is very reliable as the sources are credible.


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Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior

These factors include psychological, social, cultural, economic, and personal factors. The psychological factors include perception and motivation. The social factors are as a result of the influences around us such as family. The cultural factors involve values that are instilled in us during the growing up process. These factors can further be viewed as the culture, sub-culture, and social class. Economic factors include personal income and savings. Finally, the personal factors include age, occupation, lifestyle, and income (Chand, n.d). Of all these, culture is the most basic determinant of consumer behavior since it involves a set of acquired values one acquires as they grow up and which determines preference. For instance, a hospitality business set up in a community that values fish as a meal would capitalize on the cultural factor and make fish its main dish to attract more customers.


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Strategy, M. S. Market Segmentation Strategy: Hilton Hotel.


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