Synthesis Essay

In all sorts of essays the main ingredients are the idea, structure and tone of writing. The same needs to be applied here. Since the idea is used mostly from other resources, hence it must be kept in mind that they are similar in nature. It must not go haywire when you consider combining them and then add your own inputs. The opinions may differ but the subject matter will remain the same. At the same time the points and facts covered in other resources are quite well established. There is no point considering a baseless idea. It will be in accordance to the nature of the subject and is in line to the topic itself. When writing the essay it will require unbiased approach and logical interpretation.

While writing an essay you must follow a few basic steps which are inherent in any form of essay. First and foremost start with a precise introduction which requires an interesting start. This will built up the inquisitiveness in the readers mind and they will want to go through the rest of the paper. Next you must mention what you intend to do in the essay and what are your main arguments. This can be covered very well in the introduction itself. When you move on to the next set of paragraphs it will contain more detailed description of your arguments and the basis of such points. You must also include any examples and facts that will support your point and views. While providing such details include in-text citations which will refer to the resources that you have used for the paper.

In practice, synthesis essays can be of two types. They can be explanatory or argumentative. The former type of essay will provide the reader a logical basis of the topic and with clarity in thoughts. The later type however will try to impose a point in the readers’ mind. The important part of such essays is to make logical meaning of the resources and how it affects your viewpoint as a writer. During scripting the essay make sure to include any quotes and also make proper reference of the same. Thus these essays are quite popular amongst the degree students and research scholars.

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