System Analysis & Design – Powerpoint


Scenario: You have been directed by your project manager to describe the software development life cycle for system development to a potential stakeholder. You decide that you will create a presentation for the stakeholder.

For your presentation, you will do the following.

  • Create a six-slide original PowerPoint presentation.
  • Include a title slide and a reference slide. These slides do not count toward the six-slide minimum requirement.
  • Describe the software development life cycle as a whole.
  • Identify and explain each of the different phases of the software development life cycle.
  • Include at least one graphic or image that correlates to the content. Remember to cite your graphic(s) or image(s).
  • Include at least one reference in your presentation other than your graphic or image references.
  • Follow APA style formatting and guidelines.

Remember to compare your presentation with the rubric before submitting it.


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