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The goal of this project is to teach students how to find, comprehend, and apply synthesized information to resolve research dilemmas and direct nursing practice. Search for one systematic review article and select it. Two to three double-spaced pages, using bullet points as needed:
Describe a clinical subject, circumstance, problem, or concern that interests you. Describe the solution(s) you discovered and the question(s) they answered. Include a copy of your search along with the systematic review’s abstract in the assignment.
I’m hearing/observing ________pick any nursing topic____ in my practice.
I’m interested in __________.
I’m interested in learning who, what, how, and why ______.
It’s crucial to understand this because __________. (To respond, consider what would occur if you didn’t know the answer. How or in what way does the response help your nursing practice (which may eventually result in improvements to the population you are dealing with’s health)?
I used the following search criteria: ______________.
I discovered ______ systematic reviews (insert number). If no systematic reviews were located, try changing your search keywords or picking a different subject.
The systematic review I read for this assignment was (insert citation here—pick one only): The systematic review comprised _____________________. __________(enter number) unique studies/articles.
The purpose, aim, or research issue of the systematic review was _______.
The systematic review’s main finding(s) was/were __________________.
This review has received a _______ from me due to _______.
Please follow the template’s instructions for this systematic review assignment. Pick any nursing issue that interests you or about which you would like to learn more as the foundation for your systematic review.



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