Systems Engineer Case Study Paper


The following Systems Engineering case study to research and study. 

Medical Radiation Case Study (Attached Case Study)

Here is a resource for the Friedman-Sage Framework that will be needed for your case studies:

1. In your own words, describe and summarize your top 3 lessons learned from the case study for the week. 

The Friedman-Sage Framework can be used as a framework for your lessons learned paper. 

For example, when evaluating your case study, determine how the Friedman-Sage Framework was used. You might find that a part of the model was used effectively, or you might find that a part of the model was not used effectively in your case study. You can use the model to help make suggestions concerning your case study. 

1. Your top 3 lessons learned should include proposed system engineering practices that would support mitigation that you find necessary by studying the case study.

2. Your lessons learned paper should also include the good and bad system engineering practices that you observed in the case study. 

Following are phases of the Friedman-Sage Framework for the case study. 

· Requirements Definition and Management

· Systems Architecture Development

· System/Subsystem Design

· Validation/Verification

· Risk Management

· Systems Integration & Interfaces

· Life Cycle Support

· Deployment and Post Deployment

· System and Program Management 

Be sure to cite all references in APA format.


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