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Fourth Economic Analysis Paper: Company Outlook in the Near Future
The short-term company forecast is the subject of your fourth research study. Fill out the key components below using the firm you chose:

1. Create a short-term (roughly one-year) outlook for your company that is shown as an addition to the historical data tables or graphs you created in previous papers. This outlook should be based on the relationships between macro variables and company/industry performance as well as the short-term outlook for macro variables from analysis paper three.
2. Respond to the following inquiries regarding the outlook:
Does the overall economy support the expansion of your sector?
o Will the government’s existing policies cause demand to expand more slowly or negatively?
o Will government initiatives have a negative impact on expenses or help them?
3. Summarize the impact of current macro policies on your sector or business, as well as any actions that can be taken by enterprises to either gain from or lessen their consequences.

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