Task 4 — Developing and nurturing relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers


Developing and nurturing relationships with clients, other professionals and third party

Establishing and maintaining connections with clients, colleagues, and third-party referrers is task number four.
You must now create a plan to help you build and maintain relationships with clients, colleagues, and third-party referrers, per George and Mildred’s instructions.
You should cover the following in your plan:
1. How the policies and practices of CCF and MB, as well as statutory, regulatory, and professional rules of conduct, affect forming and fostering partnerships
2. Describe how you would use CCF and MB’s moral principles to establish and preserve effective connections.
3. The value of secrecy and how you would uphold it when interacting with coworkers, clients, and other individuals
4. How would you modify your interpersonal style to fit the circumstances and demands of other parties?
5. Describe how you would build and maintain commercial and professional networks, as well as other types of ties to the organization’s advantage, and explain how you would use these networks to find and cultivate partnerships in order to advertise and promote the organization.
6. How could you employ and collaborate with other experts and outside parties to boost the organization’s reputation and find new and better business practices?
7. How would you identify and establish new business partnerships to increase referral business using proper communication channels?
8. Describe how you would determine referral needs and disseminate details regarding CCF and MB’s pertinent goods and services.
9. How would you secure referral business interviews so that clients’ demands could be met?
(1,000 words)
Your strategy can be in any structure, but it must cover each of the aforementioned areas. If you’re unsure of how to construct a plan, consult the Business Growth and Marketing topic and follow the advice given in Part 5, Section 12 of the SMEAC format.
Assumptions may be made while performing this assignment, but they must not clash with the details in the background information.
Response of students to Task 4
Task 6: Recognizing risks and using risk management techniques
The hazards that could endanger CCF and MB’s business operations have caused George and Mildred great concern. They promoted you into more of a general manager’s job with additional duties, including managing CCF & MB’s risk, after being quite pleased with your growth and marketing plans for CCF & MB. As part of your new duties, you must create a risk management strategy.
The following must be done when creating this plan:
1. Describe the background for CCF and MB’s risk management strategy.
2. Describe the strategies you’ll employ to evaluate the threats you’ve identified.
3. Specify the techniques you’ll use to identify CCF and MB’s risks, as well as the stakeholders you’ll interview in order to build context.
4. Identify at least two potential hazards for CCF and MB in each of the six areas of business risk, including reputational risks, market and environmental risks, compliance risks, financial risks, operational risks, and strategic risks. For each risk that is identified, create an appropriate risk statement.
5. Evaluate the dangers you’ve identified through risk analysis, and 6. identify treatments.
7. How your risk management plan will track and evaluate them
You must develop your own risk matrix to cover likelihood and consequence when determining the risk criteria you intend to apply.
Use a risk register to keep track of your risk management strategy.
Any assumptions you make when creating your plan should be recorded, either in the plan’s body or separately, before you start.

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