team cultural intelligence cq presentation

We had a presentation due. we got 30/100. to redeem our grade she wants the same presentation but in a Business format essay. up to 3 pages

Our presentation is about the Buddhist/Vietnamese culture, we visited a temple and all the information regarding that visit is in the presentation itself. PLEASE include all the information and the experience from the presentation into the essay paper.

Format : Business Essay format

Below is all the information we have missed on the presentation that has to convert into the essay itself.

New Culture / Country information

  1. Define the concept of culture, its components (elements), and its main characteristics.
  2. Identify and describe the culture of the group of people that you had contact with during the “new cultural experience.”
  3. Choose one of the cultural dimensions frameworks described in Chapter 5 of the textbook (e.g., Hofstede, Trompennars, or The Globe dimensions). Describe the culture of the new group using at least two (2) relevant cultural dimensions.
  4. Briefly describe the political, legal, economic, monetary, and trade environment of the country where the group of people you had contact with came from:
        1. Political and legal environment (e.g., political system; legal system; political and legal risks)
        2. Economic and monetary environment (e.g., economic system, currency system, economic and currency risks)
        3. Trade environment (e.g., balance of payments, major exports/imports, main trading partners, regional economic integration, trade barriers and/or incentives)

New Cultural Experience

  1. Provide a detailed and diligent description of your “new cultural experience.”
  2. What did your team members find most memorable? Why

Follow the rubric below to make sure all the contents of the essay is completed.

Presentation Time

Identify and describe new cultural experience

Pictures of Event with All Team Members

What was most memborable (3 wow factors)

Indication of change in overall team’s cultural intelligence

Define Culture

2 Cultural Dimensions

Political and legal system and risks

Economic and monetary system and risks

Trade environment (BOP, Major exprts/imprts, trading partners)

This is the information that I would like for you to use.

I will provide the presentation here. And I would like you to use the information we have. And if there is something missing you can search it.


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