Team Leader Priorities at Walmart

Weekly Readings and Videos

How Leadership Styles and Behavior Affects Team Members and Beyond. Ackerman Anderson, L. (2016, Sep 1).

7 Skills Needed for Strong Team Leadership. (2017, Jun 25).

The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader. Scott, S. (2019, Jan 29).

10 Leadership Tips: Set Goals and Objectives Right. Nolan, R. (2017, Feb 20).

The Impact of Leadership Style on Organisational Performance. Girling, N. (2018, May 17).

How These 6 Leadership Styles Affect Performance. Anderson, J. (2018, Jun 19).

Walmart Management Jobs.

Believe in the Power of Work.

Leadership Minute – “Ten Essential Characteristics of Effective Leadership” for Leaders. (1:00). Leadership Consultant JMT – Dr. Thomas. (2019, Feb 20).


Leaders at Walmart have a tremendous impact on team goals, team behaviors, team relationships, team problem-solving, and overall team productivity. The impact makes itself apparent in the ways that teams are influenced, weakened, or strengthened by the leader’s skills in prioritizing various leadership elements, dimensions, and functions. The following is a list of some typical functions of successful leaders:

  • Demonstrating alignment with personal, team, and organizational values and beliefs
  • Exhibiting an effective interpersonal engagement style in interactions with team members
  • Identifying, acquiring, retaining, and developing talented team members
  • Communicating effectively to inform and motivate team members
  • Helping teams make solid decisions and solve difficult problems


Review additional outside resources on the impact of leadership on team success. Use the results of your research and this week’s content to complete the assignment.

  1. Place yourself in the role of a team leader in your Walmart store or business. Choose three functions from the list above that will help you successfully lead your team.
  2. In 300-400 words, double-spaced, address the following:
    1. Rank your three selections and explain your rationale.
    2. Answer: How do your choices impact team performance and success?
    3. Define what team success looks like to you. Provide an example from your professional experience that supports your definition.
    4. Answer: What factors, external to the team, can impact team success?

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