Telecom, Internet, and E-commerce (s)

Telecom, Internet, and E-commerce (s)

Look into the impact mobile technologies are having on e-commerce as well as the collaboration tools that can be delivered through TelePresence systems.

The concept of mobile e-commerce arose in the 1990’s as the technology moved from informational Internet to a medium to communicate between buyers and sellers. Through the use of smart phones, mobile commerce has expanded to mobile banking, ticketing, broker auctions, purchasing, and marketing and advertising. The following article discusses the growth and Internet usage through mobile devices.

Laudon, K., & Laudon, J. (2012). Essentials of MIS. (10th Ed.). Learning Track 4: The emerging mobile digital platform: E-commerce and business impact. Retrieved from

According to Laudon and Laudon (2012), TelePresence refers to a set of technologies which allows a person to feel as if they were present at a location remote from their own physical location; or, a set of technologies that enables realistic group meetings among geographically remote sites. TelePresence is not the same as virtual reality because the actors involved in TelePresence are human beings, not avatars. TelePresence has many current and potential business applications such as enhancing social networks, remote observation of dangerous environments like subsea cables and nuclear reactors, and remote surgery (p.4).

To illustrate TelePresence, in the first video, Cisco CEO John Chambers demonstrates the use of holograms over the Internet to create TelePresence. In the second video, Cisco uses its TelePresence technology to have the first global, life-size, high-definition virtual company meeting. Multiple offices throughout the globe were simultaneously connected.

Cisco (2008, November 6). Cisco TelePresence magic. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Cisco (2008, November 8). Cisco TelePresence: It’s about the experience. [Video file]. Retrieved from

After reading the material, please answer the following questions.

What are the business benefits of TelePresence described in these videos? What is the benefit of a hologram? What kinds of limitations do you see for users of TelePresence?

Answer the questions and the accompanying explanation must be written in 2-3 pages ; 2 outside sources.


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