TERM PAPER:  Current Issues in Communication and Media (30%)


The final assignment in this course is a term paper on one of the issues/concepts that we have covered during the term, such as the communication process, signs and symbols, the human understanding process, language and culture, fundamental attribution error, business on social media, communication in close relations, communication in teams, just to name a few.

Students will come up with their topic and thesis. Students are encouraged to discuss with the instructor regarding topics, research questions and writing plans.

The term paper will be due on Dec. 22, before midnight.


  1. Title page: Students must use an APA template.
  2. Introduction; Main body; Conclusion.
  3. Critical thinking: Meaningful questions connected to the topic; a clear position.
  4. Research: Academic integrity, every source must be acknowledged, and properly cited.
  5. APA in-text citations
  6. Editing: No typos, spelling errors. Avoid common mistakes: repeating words, lack of punctuation, clichés, colloquial words…
  7. Writer’s voice: Unbiased yet with a personal point of view.
  8. List of references.
  9. Word count: between 1,100 and 2,500 words (including references).
  10. Minimum number of sources: five sources, including three peer-reviewed, academic sources, and two other media sources (which could include magazine articles, newspaper articles, online article, YouTube clips etc.).

Examples of topics:

  1. Topic: The ambiguity of words as symbols often leads to political conflicts.
  2. Topic: The primacy effect and unfair judgement.
  3. Topic: The positive effects of conflicts on the effectiveness of team communication.
  4. Topic: The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.

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