Term Paper on Darwins Infant Article



A term paper based on Darwin’s Infant Article will be written.

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C. Darwin (1877). Infant’s biographical sketch, Mind 2, 285–294.
(a drawing of his own youngster)

This essay should be around five (5) pages long, not counting the references. The paper’s material begins on page one with the following information: a) the title of the paper; b) your name; c) the course name, number, and due date. After that, the text begins. The paper must follow APA formatting guidelines and be typed in MS Word using a 12-point font (please use a spell- and grammar-checker). You can access a website that can assist you with APA format by clicking the link below.


There must be a minimum of six references. References must come from scholarly publications or scientific journals to be accepted for citation. Articles from the popular press are not permitted for the term paper.

*When writing your term paper, be sure to cover every facet of the subject. To develop critical thinking, sophisticated reasoning, and writing skills, you must back up your claims with empirical data and scientific literature. Keep your opinions and suppositions to a minimum. Arguments based on religion, such as the Bible or God, are inadmissible in term papers.

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