Term Paper Plan(moudle name :Capitalism & Geopolitics)

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the module “Capitalism and Geopolitics” mainly focuses on the influence and impact of the development (and decline) of capitalism on geopolitics. Please first come up with a question in line with the course and write up a paper plan on the topic of “Post-WWII International Order: American Hegemony?” using the following questions as inspiration and guidelines:
1) Critically assess the notion of ‘hegemony across the Neo-Gramscian, liberal and (neo-)realist spectrum.
2) To which degree can British and American hegemony be compared?
3) What caused British ‘primacy according to OBrien?
4) Is it plausible to suggest, following Ikenberry, that post-WWII US policy towards Western Europe followed a logic of empire by invitation?
5) In which way does ‘Fordism explain post-WWII US hegemony?
6) What are the key elements of US Grand Strategy after WWII?
It is essential to apply an IR theory (Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, Post-Structuralism etc). Four core readings are enclosed along with my order to give you a general idea about what to write.

The purpose of the Plan is to provide an outline of your project. It should include:

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? Your preliminary title
? A 200 word abstract or summary
? Your proposed thesis or key argument
? A brief literature review
? A short exposition of your chosen theoretical framework
? An outline of your historical case study or case studies
? An indicative bibliography of up to 15 titles (books and journal articles)

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