Terrorism Order Description and Reflection
Answer each of the following questions completely in light of recent global developments. You must conduct research for this. Just make sure to acknowledge your sources and give an original summary of your findings.

ISIS/ISIL: What are they? Which regions of the Middle East do they rule? What deeds and occurrences are they blatantly accountable for and/or taking credit for?

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2. Describe briefly the Middle East and European refugee crises, as well as their relationship to ISIS/ISIL.

3. How should the United States approach the fight against ISIS/ISIL, in your opinion?

4. In your opinion, what role should the United States play in addressing the refugee crisis?

5. In light of current global events, do you personally feel motivated to take action on this issue? (supporting causes, engaging in activism, etc.)

6. Which moral theory do you believe most accurately reflects the ideas you have presented here?


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