s Read Marighella, (1969). Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla to gain an understanding as to why it is a primer document for terrorist tactics throughout the Americas. Do a review of Major Marques Command and Staff Paper, 2003 as a counter balance to this manual. You will note the reference to guerrilla warfare in lieu of terrorism. They are different and at the same time very much alike in personnel, tactics, strategy, tools and vision. Each organization has its own signature or footprint that makes it unique. Assignment Link to “10 Terrorist Organizations Operating in the US” Pick two (2) U.S. Domestic terrorist groups. Write an essay that provides general understanding and applied insight into the groups’ theory, background and motivations plus answering the questions: Why is the group a terrorist group? Under which terrorist theory category does it fall? Where does the group operate? What are the group’s objectives? How is the group organized? How is the group financed? Is the group linked to any other groups? Does the group have strong organization and or communications (security)? Has/was the group been infiltrated by the FBI? If so, how? Your assessment on the group’s future viability. If you cannot find the answer to the above questions for your group, then there must be a reason why? Use your critical thinking and answer based on your views. Assignment Expectations Length: Assignment should be at least 3-5 pages not counting the title page and references. References: At least two references should be included from academic sources

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