Testing of blood sample, For each of the given blood types,

For each of the given blood types, give the expected agglutination (clumping) results when the blood is mixed with Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-Rh antibodies. Enter ‘Yes’ for presence of agglutination, ‘No’ for absence of agglutination

Blood Type

Anti-A antibody

Anti-B antibody

Anti-Rh antibody









































1. At 1.00am, someone breaks a window in the back of a store and robs the safe. On the way out, the thief cuts himself (or herself) on a piece of broken glass. You are a forensic detective called to the scene. You test a sample of blood left behind by the thief. It is O-. While you are there, police bring in a suspect with a cut forearm who was arrested just three blocks from the store. You take a sample of the suspect’s blood and mix it with anti-A. You immediately know that the suspect is not the person who cut himself on broken glass in the store. How do you know this?

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