Texas safe harbour law


This self-assessment will help you check your own understanding of important legal issues and their applications to nursing practice.

reading the Texas provision and proceeding with the activity as if you were a Texas nurse. link attached or please access texas board of nursing for safe harbor.

Follow all other directions as stated.

Throughout module 2-3, we will be covering topics that will provide you with an understanding of what your legal options are in these types of situations. At the conclusion of Module 4, the answers will be discussed in the Review.

Read this scenario on the attached document and then answer the questions that follow.

  1. What were your four options as to taking or refusing the assignment?
  1. Was this a situation in which you should have claimed Safe Harbor?
  1. Other than Safe Harbor, what Board Rule should you have considered when told to take the assignment?
  1. Should the hospital have sent you to the Peer Review Committee before reporting you to the Board? If so, what Board Rule was violated?
  1. How should you have responded (from a legal/patient safety/license protection perspective) in response to each of these statements?


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