The 5 Best Computer Buys of 2009

I recently decided to buy my father a new computer (his was a dinosaur). Like most people in the market for a new computer, I wanted one that didn’t cost a small fortune, but was still “good” and would hopefully last a couple of years. Instead, what I found was quite a bit of stress and a LOT of hype. Everyone claims to be the best computer for your money, so how do you know if its true or not without being a computer genius? I decided to write this article with the hopes of saving you some time and tears when searching for the best computer for you. It is a simple list of my pick for the top 5 best computer buys of 2009.

Please note that I am not a computer guru and this was not written for computer gurus. It is a quick overview for the average Joe. There are some specs for each computer, and a link in my bio to find out more information about each model if you desire.

5. HP Pavilion s3500f Desktop

HP has always been a trusted favorite of mine. The Pavilion is a well-established product, and for good reason. This particular model comes with:
-AMD Sempron
-4GB DDR2 SDRAM memory
-a 500GB hard drive
-Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit
-and a whole lot more.
A great computer for home use and is an excellent deal.

4. Acer Aspire M3201

Acer is a brand I personally have not owned before. However, the brand gets great reviews and the prices are unbeatable for computers. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it from friends and family members that own Acer computers, as well as the professionals. This particular model has:
-AMD Athlon processor
-320GB Hard Drive
-and Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

3. Gateway DX4200-11

I think that the greatest thing about this computer is simply that it is backed by Gateway. They’ve always been very good with technical support and customer service for their products. I’ve always had very happy dealings with Gateway. The computer is a bit higher in price, but comes with:
-AMD® X-4 Quad-Core Processor
-a 750GB hard drive (750 GB makes my head spin!)
-and Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

2. Acer Aspire X3200 Desktop

Yes, another Acer. You can tell that I fell in love with this brand pretty quickly. This model is actually the one I finally decided to buy for my father. It comes with:
-AMD Athalon processor
-500GB hard drive
-and Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

The price is slightly higher than the other Acer listed, but the upgrade was well worth it for me. My father went from having a dinosaur to having a computer almost twice as good as mine!

1. Apple iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 24″ Desktop

This is actually the computer I’ve been eyeing for myself recently (Don’t tell my dad). A few months ago a friend of mine got one and every time I go to her place I ask to use it! Its quite a joy. I just fight with myself over the price tag and whether or not I truly want to switch to Mac. This is at the top of my list because its the best. If you are in the market to pay this much for a new computer, this should be the one!
-Intel Core Duo processor
-3GB DDR2, 320GB hard drive
-Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
-24′ flat LCD screen monitor

This is my personal pick for the top 5 best computer buys based on the research I went through. Hope it saves some of you time and money! You can also read reviews from others on each computer, as well as 5 other great computer models to help your research by following the link in my bio.

What good is getting the best computer at the worst price? Be sure to save yourself some money!

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