The Altar of Augustan Peace in Rome

Order Specifications
An official study paper on how a specific work of art reflects spirituality and power should be written. Pay close attention to the artwork’s historical background and the messages it conveys about spirituality and power within the context of its larger political, social, and cultural setting.
The work’s formal and compositional structure (the artist’s working style).
The artist and the piece (only provide biographical details if they are known or if they are pertinent to the piece)
What is the relationship between this subject and historical events? The historical and social setting and its relevance, including political, social, and historical events that may have influenced the style and subject chosen.
The visuals and aspects of representation of either the topic or the iconography (What particular subject matter is covered in this work? What genre is it? Did other pieces of art address this topic? Regarding the theme you are examining, how do these additional cases compare? Did these other artists approach the topic(s) differently? How do the two stack up? How did the general population react to this issue? What connection exists between the subject matter and the formal elements of the work? How does the subject matter relate to the setting of the work?

Style and writing guidelines: The work should be typed, double-spaced, and between five and seven pages long (excluding the Works Cited and any accompanying graphics). Italicizing or underlining the titles of works of art is preferable. No quotation marks are necessary. Your works cited page and in-text citations must follow MLA guidelines. A good bibliography should be included with the work to show that it was thoroughly researched. The photographs you mention must be included with the essay and placed at its conclusion.

Bibliography: A minimum of ten sources, including a mix of books, articles, and internet sources such as websites, must be listed.

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Recommended Paper Outline:

Introduction I Introduce your object and explain why it was chosen (because it marked the start of Rome’s golden era of peace), as well as how it expresses spirituality and power.

The II Subject: Who or what does your work depict, and why?

III Style – Does the work adhere to the stylistic characteristics of a specific period? If not, why not? How does it depart from custom (if applicable)?

IV Function: What was the object’s purpose, why was it made, and where would one have found it?

Cultural Context V What historical occurrences had an impact on this work’s creation?

VI Provability: Who owns this piece and whose museum? How did they get it, exactly? Was it formerly owned by a person or a body of culture before the museum acquired it?

Comparison of VII Compare your work to another that is comparable in subject or style. You are not required to pick a work from the same culture or era. What are the parallels and contrasts?

VIII. Finale



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