The Altar of Augustan Peace in Rome

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Write a formal research paper on an individual artwork, how it reflects spirituality and power. Pay special attention to the historical context of the work of art and what it communicates about spirituality and power in terms of its larger political, social, and cultural context.
The formal and compositional organization of the work (the style the artist is working in).
The artist and the work (include biographical information only when known or if it is relevant to the work)
The historical and social environment and its significance, including political, social and historical events that may have influenced the style and subject selected (What is the relationship between this subject and historical events?)
The imagery and representational elements subject matter or iconography (What is the specific subject matter dealt with in this work? What is the genre? Did other artworks deal with this subject? How do these other examples compare with the theme you are analyzing? Did these other artists deal with the subject(s) in a different manner? How do the two compare? How did the public respond to this subject? What is the relationship of the subject matter to the formal features of the work? What is the relationship of the subject matter to the context of the work?)

Instructions on style, writing:
The paper must be typed, 12pt font, and double-spaced, 5-7 pages in length (not including Works Cited and images). Titles of works of art are, preferably, italicized, although you may also underline. Do not use quotation marks. Your in-text citations and Works Cited page should correspond to MLA Style. The paper should be accompanied by a bibliography that evidences strong research skills. The images you discuss must accompany the paper and be inserted at the end of the essay.

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Bibliography: A minimum of ten sources must be listed with a combination of books, articles, and online resources such as websites.

Recommended Outline For Paper:

I Introduction Introduce your object; describe why this piece was selected (because it was the beginning of the ear of peace in Rome, the golden era), and how it reflects spirituality and power.

II Subject Matter Who or what is depicted in your work and why.

III Style -Does the work conform to the stylistic features of a particular era? Why or why not? How does it break away from tradition (if relevant)?

IV Function -Why was the piece created, where would it have been found, and what purpose did it serve?

V Cultural Context What historical events influenced the creation of this work?

VI Provenance Which museum owns this work? How did they acquire it? Was it owned by an individual or cultural organization before it came to the museum?

VII Comparison Compare your work to one of a similar style or subject. You do not have to select a piece from the same culture or time period. What are the similarities and differences?

VIII Conclusion

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