The Annandale Booth Restaurant

Answer each question about 300words, and follow the ppt documents. Thanks a lot.
Mr and Mrs Brooks opened the Booth restaurant in Annandale two and half years ago, offering a degustation dining experience. Mrs Brooks manages the restaurant and keeps the books. She is responsible for purchases and management of inventory (in consultation with the chef) and front of house duties. The Booth employs a chef, a 4th year apprentice chef, and a kitchen hand for the backroom operations. It also has three casual waiters, two on duty at a time. The Booth is opened from 6.00 pm to 12 midnight each day except on Tuesdays. It serves an eight-course menu with fine wine in a romantic setting. The Booth targets professionals with above average income who want a special night out. The restaurant was featured in the Sydney Morning Heralds Good Food Guide in its first year of operations, following a reputation for high quality food and service. This led to a three-fold increase in bookings by the end of the second year. It is difficult to keep up the quality food, service and ambience that have given the Booth a special place in the Sydney dinning experience and a large customer following, from the one location. The Brooks have therefore decided to lease a place in nearby Newtown and replicate the business model.

(Adapted from Sweeney, D. (2008). AFM 324 Small Business Management, School of Business, Economics and Public Policy)

1Identify the positions that the Brooks will have to fill in their new restaurant and recommend an appropriate number of staff for each position. Briefly describe the duties of each position.
2What recruitment sources and selection methods will you recommend to the Brooks for each of the positions identified in 1 above?
3How might the Brooks maintain the high quality food and service at both restaurants?
4What records should they maintain on their employees?


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