The Archaeological Process

This assessment deals with Module 3: The Archaeological Process. It is intended to engage
you with the archaeological process using a well-documented case study. Take a look at the
essay title below and then watch the two videos and read the article. You should pause the
video and take notes as you are watching. What techniques do the archaeologists use? What
is the sequence of work? How do the archaeologists make decisions?

ESSAY Question : Critically assess the aims, methods and results of the archaeological investigations
You are allowed to use only these references followed.
at Turkdean Roman Villa, Gloucestershire.
Turkdean Roman Villa (Time Team S05 E04)

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Turkdean Revisited (Time Team S06 E09)

Holbrook, N. 2004. Turkdean Roman Villa, Gloucestershire: Archaeological Investigations
1997-1998. Britannia 35: 39-76.

Your essay should be at least 1,500 words. Thats roughly three pages of single-spaced 12 pt
Times New Roman. Your essay should include an introduction and conclusion. Use
paragraphs to help you structure your argument. You will also need to add a bibliography and
use the Harvard system of referencing, e.g. (Smith, 2012: 34). Do not forget to give page
numbers! As always, come and see me if you dont understand anything

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