The Benefits of Video Games

Paper details:
Nowadays youth generation addicted to video games that are helping to them for improve their knowledge and behaviour. Research (reference1) says video games have more benefits than hazards.

Main Body Paragraph Point 1:

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There are many cognitive skills people can learn from video games

Supporting Details: -quick thinks
-quick decisions

Main Body paragraph Point 2:

Another important positive effect on video games…

Supporting Details: -educational
-relaxing and feeling happy

Main Body paragraph Point 3:

Stying at the home and playing the video games can look; it makes unsocialise the people but it is not….

Supporting Details: -social network
-meeting with new people
-team play


Video games have a main role in everyones lives. People should use of them for therapy, having fun and of course educating better.

1-Cover page
3- Body paragraph 1
4- Body paragraph 2
5- Body Paragraph 3
6- Conclusion
7- References

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