Video Games Advantages

Paper details: Today’s youngsters are dependent on video games, which are enhancing their knowledge and behavior. According to research (reference 1), video games offer more advantages than risks.

Point 1 in the body paragraph:

People can gain a variety of cognitive abilities from video games.

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Details to Support: -rapid thinking -rapid processing -rapid judgments

Second main body paragraph

Another significant benefit of video gaming

Supporting Information: educational and artistic
-unwinding and experiencing joy

Third main body paragraph

While staying at home and playing video games may seem like they would make individuals less social, they don’t.

Details to Support: -social network -meeting new people
– teamwork


Everyone’s life is significantly impacted by video games. They should be used by people for rehabilitation, entertainment, and, of course, improved education.

1-page cover
3rd, 4th, and 5th sentences of the first body paragraph
Conclusion: 6
References 7,



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