The Ethical Dilemma


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Analyze one important component or issue of the case in a 4-5 page paper (excluding the reference list). It’s up to you how you proceed. Feel free to use as much creativity as you’d like to approach the problem, and feel free to cite citations from the literature to support your arguments. There should be at least two excellent references in your work. I want you to use textbooks from prior courses to help you think critically and to support your arguments in these assignments, but at least two of the references you cite should be “new to you”—that is, sources you have chosen and read just for this assignment. Scholarly journal articles that have recently (within the last 3–4 years) been published are great references and are chosen over books since they are more recent.
An ethical conundrum?

When you take a quick glance at the calendar that a nearby ambulance service gave you and place it on your desk, you notice the impending winter holidays. The brand-new cancer center where you serve as management is in a celebratory mood. Due to the kind donations of the thankful patients and their families, there are decorations up, holiday music is playing in the background, and there is an abundant supply of candy and baked goodies.

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When a large delivery shows up, you are still seated in your office. Twelve reasonably priced bottles of wine are contained in an elaborate wooden wine crate. The box has a note on it that says, “A little something for you and your fabulous staff.” A pharmaceutical representative who frequently stops by your facility to speak with the oncology drug users who work there, including the doctors and nurse practitioners, has endorsed it. Dr. Young, a dentist with an office in the same building as your clinic, had been by earlier that day to wish you a Merry Christmas and to deliver a beribboned bottle of champagne, as he was doing for every office in the building.

Jim, one of the radiation therapists on staff, approaches you just as you are about to leave for the day. One of his patients gave him an envelope with a holiday card and a $20 payment. Jim attempted to give the patient his money back, but he was unsuccessful. As you consider what advice to give Jim, you take into account the donuts that a nearby medical supply company delivered this morning and the pizza lunch that a pharmaceutical company was hosting tomorrow.


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