The events that they may give the contractor a valid extension of time claim under your chosen form of contract

I am studying Quantity surveying. The assignment question includes a scenario and two tasks which I had sent in pdf file. After reading the scenario complete the tasks: A) Using an essay format, Madeleine has asked you to prepare for her a critical analysis of the following: – The events that they may give the contractor a valid extension of time claim under your chosen form of contract. – Why the employer may not allow the claim; – An examination of the contractual remedies available to the employer should the contract period be likely to exceed the contractual completion date. B) At the completion of the contract, some disputes have not been resolved regarding payment and extensions of time. The parties have acknowledged that the formal dispute has arisen but wish to resolve it by means of some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR). In a report format, recommend and justify the route you believe to be the most suitable for disputes on a project of this size and give the procedures, advantages and disadvantages of this method(justification should include comparisons with other forms of ADR to state why the particular method is chosen). You must state the form of contract to be used e.g. (JCT with quantities) -Task A must be in essay format and task B in a report format. -I have sent some study material that we use in university. We also use the book with title “Construction Law, 11th Edition, Professor John Uff, QC” -Key points that must to be covered are: for task A) 1) Extension of time, 2) contractual remedies, 3) Contract period exceed contractual competition date For task B) 1)Disputes(-payment-extension of time),2) Alternative Dispute Resolution(procedures, advantages , disadvantages),3) comparison of other form of ADR. Find the assingment scenario in the pdf file i sent named Assingment 2

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