The Formation of New York School Painting

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Weekly readings and one page response papers. The response statements should address a specific issue in the reading and should aid in class discussion. Please write more of your personal opinion. Note: Im a international student, so can you please avoid too long structure sentences. Make it easy and clear to read. Thank you. I will attach the reading file after I place the order first.
Some relevant resources you can look at:
Art Since 1900 (1937a); (1942a). (1947b);

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Marcia Brennan, “Pollock and Krasner” from Modernisms Masculine Subjects (MIT, 2004).

Megan Fontanella “A Vital Force: Abstract Art and Cultural Politics at Mid-Century” in Art of Another Kind (Guggenheim, 2012).

Clement Greenberg, “Modernist Painting (1960), in Clement Greenberg: The Collected Essays and Criticism, Vol. 4, 1957-1969 (University of Chicago Press, 1986), 85-93. (Links to an external site.

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