The Future of My Branch of Aviation Industry

Let’s take a look at the future of the industry or branch of industry that you have chosen now that you have reached the stage of choosing your career and learned how to create a resume and interview advice. Pilots, for instance, will consider the future of airlines in the area, aviation engineers will research the advancements that will be made in aircraft technology, etc.
It is a given that none of you will be qualified to apply for pilot positions. Others will be required to undergo courses in engineering, management, operations, navigation, meteorology, airport radar services, aviation regulatory bodies, training, etc. There may be a large number of these branches, and you can choose one for yourself. Now let’s do it.
After deciding which branch you want to join, consider how that activity will develop over time, how its tools and processes will advance, and how you will fit into it. You should be prepared to compose a 1500 word essay on the future of the aviation branch you have chosen to pursue as a career at this point.
This exercise must be completed alone and is worth 20 MARKS.
The assignment must be turned in by November 16, 2015.
You are welcome to get advice from me on how to choose the aviation branch and how to predict its future.
I wish you luck!

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