The History and the Impacts of the Technology Used by the Deaf People to Make their Lives Easier

The Origins and Effects of the Technology Used by the Deaf to Improve Their Quality of Life

People with hearing impairments were one group of people who did not rejoice the introduction of the telephone in the late eighteenth century (Ladner, 15). Deaf persons rely on hearing family members, neighbors, acquaintances, and other well-wishers to assist them in communicating with others. However, a teletypewriter (TTY) for the deaf was developed in the 1960s by deaf scientist Robert Weitbrecht (Ladner, 15). The invention made it possible for people with hearing loss to make direct phone calls to one another utilizing equipment fixed with acoustic couplers. Even more technical advancements are being made today to help people with hearing loss communicate more efficiently.
It is still unclear how technology has changed hearing and successful communication for people with hearing problems as additional technical innovations are made. The proposed study explores the development of the technology used by the deaf to improve their quality of life as well as how this technology has affected their way of life. The issue is pertinent because it emphasizes how technology has been applied over time to simplify living for those with hearing problems. The discussion of the current issue also emphasizes the accomplishments that people with disabilities may make if technology is used to make their lives simpler.

proposed structure
Introducing myself
Background to the study (a).
i) Being aware of the difficulties that the deaf community faces.
ii) How these difficulties might be lessened.
b. The goal of the research
i) To comprehend the origins and advancement of the technologies used to improve the lives of deaf people.
ii) To investigate how technology use affects the lives of people who are deaf.
iii) To contrast the costs of the technology for those who are deaf with its advantages.
II. The paper’s body and an assessment of the literature in existence
a. The evolution of technology used to improve the quality of life for the deaf.
b. A variety of technologies, including TTY, TTY relay service, captioned phone, e-mail, and instant messaging, are employed to make life easier for the deaf.
c. How technology has affected the lives of those who are deaf.
d. The financial impact of the technology equipment needed to improve the deaf community’s quality of life.
3. Concluding
a) How do the study subject and article objectives connect with the review of the existing literature?
Richard Ladner. ASL 305, Spring 2010. Technology for the hearing impaired.

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