The human animal

General guidelines: We’ve been taking a close look at themes related to our topic of the human-animal all quarter. It’s time to stand back and draw some links between the readings at this point. In keeping with a comparative literature course, your paper should discuss at least two distinct works (by two distinct writers).
The Human Animal is the topic. What would you say the human animal is? We have allowed this idea to steer our conversations throughout the entire quarter since it is adaptable enough to link to a variety of inquiries regarding the categories of the human and the animal. Here’s your chance to combine some of these concepts. What do you think to be the most fascinating part of the human animal in the context of early modern literature, based on our readings? Is animal rationality at issue here? Is there a chance that humans may be socially criticized? or another thing? With at least two readings as support, pick one perspective and discuss why it is crucial.



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