The Impact of Colors in Advertisements on Consumers

The actual assignment requires only a topic statement, detailed quality outline, and reference page. This is for a Literature Review.
I need 20 Subject Matter Expert Psychological Articles, or Journal Articles. An informal summary of each one.
– (i.e) general conclusions reached in the article.

My topic: Is the impact of colors in advertisements on consumers
Independent Variables: Different types of colors
Dependent Variables: How did the color affect their memory, attention, emotion?

Teacher Requires The Four Points be covered using the 20 articles:

1.Define & Clarify the problem ( What are the ramifications of the problem?)

2. Summarize previous investigations to inform readers of the state of the research. (What have been the major important steps up to now)

3. Identify relations, contradictions, gaps, & inconsistencies in the literature ( What don’t we understand, what do we need to do? Has what been done clear?); and

4. Suggest next steps in solving the problem ( Specific research that needs to be done to move forward.)

Names of articles I have found:

-Using Color Preferences In Magazine Advertising

-The effect of online store atmosphere on consumer’s emotional responses- an experimental study of music and color

– Color effects in print advertising: a research update (1985-2012)

– The effect of an advertisement’s colour on emotions evoked by attitude towards the ad

– The Psychology of Colour Influences Consumers’ Buying Behavior- A Diagnostic Study

-The Influence of brand color identity on brand association and loyalty

-Judgement is not color blind: The impact of automatic color preference on product and advertising preferences

Please find the remaining 13 articles, also feel free to discard one of the ones I’ve listed in favor of another. You have free reign.


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