The impact of extra curricular activities on the employment opportunities of graduates?

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The assignment’s goal is to give you the chance to show off your research abilities and your capacity to recognize and assess your discoveries. Your research provides the data to back up your critical analysis of the subject, and the sources you use must be trustworthy, up-to-date, and relevant.

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It is crucial that you read a variety of works, including academic sources like journal papers, reputable publications, and pertinent websites in the industry.

After conducting your literature review, you must gather your materials and use them to give a review of the effect of extracurricular activities on graduate employment in your field.

The Harvard Referencing System must be used to cite all of your sources, both briefly in the text (author and date) and in-depth in the Reference List.

Use the offered full-grading scheme to better understand the requirements and how the points are distributed.

A critical analysis of the literature is 100% complete.

Labor market analysis (20%)
Analysis of the graduate job market, the labor market in general, and the relationship between extracurricular activities and employment (30%)
Analysis of extracurricular activities; impact on employment; and extracurricular activities
· Review of the literature to support the analysis (50%)
overall attention to the requirements, coherence, and clarity
extensive and properly cited usage of relevant reference material
the use of pertinent concepts and theories in a critical and comparative manner, as well as the contextualization of theory where necessary.
Clearly demonstrable evidence of original thought based on analytical material leads to fresh ideas backed up by suitable evidence and related theory.
Very nicely written, with plain and clear explanations of even the most difficult ideas.
free of grammatical and spelling mistakes

To be particularly obvious, you might wish to use headings like these:

study of the labor market
Examining the relationship between extracurricular activity and employment

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