The impact of “The Brixton Economic Action plan (2017)” implementation on the Brixton residents’ quality of life.

 Brixton is the strategic and cultural center of Lambeth. The livelihood revolves around two main roads, Clapham Road and Brixton Road. The proximity to the center of London, the affordable housing, and the “alternative” image that the neighborhood offers have attracted a new influx of young professionals. This has caused a displacement of the working-class citizens in the neighborhood to other locations farther away from the capital where the rent is cheaper than in Brixton. RQ0: Could further development of the area become a subsequent issue for the young adults, as the implementation of “The Brixton Economic Action Plan” could raise the potential interest within a higher-renting power middle-class representatives, affecting the “Quality of Life” (QOL) and as a result “Life Satisfaction” (LS) of the young professionals? This research project focuses on the analysis of the impact of urban renewal in the neighborhood strategy (SPD Brixton) on the research group (young professionals living in the Brixton). SPD Brixton includes improvement, development, and expansion of new commercial spaces, the rehabilitation of buildings, the expansion of green spaces, the improvement of accessibility to the main roads, and the creation of new public spaces. Due to the vastness of the subject and multiple implications of gentrification, the following additional questions are likely to be a necessary complement in order to completely cover the topic of the main question (RQ0) of the research: RQ1: What do the main areas for “The Brixton Economic Action Plan” include? RQ1.1: Which aspects of the “The Brixton Economic Action Plan” have been already implemented? RQ2: What are the definitions of QOL and LS? RQ2.1: What are the research group standards of life that are affecting their QOL and LS? RQ3: What are the main losses of “The Brixton Economic Action Plan” for the young adults living in the research area? RQ4: What could be potential gains of the “The Brixton Economic Action Plan” implementation for the research group?

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