The internal stakeholders that can be affected are the employee, especially from the marketing department and the shareholders of the company.

The rubber meets the road in this assignment. You will be conducting research and using outside sources. This will require you to incorporate research into your responses. You will be required to use both in-text citations and create an end of paper Reference section. If you have not done so in your past assignments, you will need to do so here. As always be specific in who or what you are writing about. Eliminate the “I’, “we”, “they”, “you” in your writing.

Management in Action Case Study: “Google’s Values Conflict with Demands from the Chinese Government”, pgs. 254-255 – The Manager’s Changing Work Environment, located at the end of the chapter. Read the case study carefully. You must locate a current article that describes the current state of Google’s censorship in China. Answer all questions related to the case. You must incorporate the article into the discussion in Question #5. DO NOT ANSWER, “I THINK….”

Ensure that you include a background/overview and conclusion/summary section to the assignment.

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Respond to the questions in a 3-5 page, double spaced, essay format. DO NOT RESPOND IN A Q & A format. It is recommended that you use headings to indicate how you are responding to each question. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE ARTICLE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION. THE DATE, ARTICLE TITLE, ARTICLE SOURCE AND ARTICLE MUST BE REFERENCED (IN TEXT AND AT THE END OF THE PAPER) AND INCLUDED IN THE SUBMISSION. WIKIPEDIA OR A BLOG PAGE IS NOT A VALID SOURCE. Consider, Business Week, WSJ, NY Times, Fortune, Washington Post, Google ( News Room), etc.


Rank each of the following principles in order from 1 most important to 3 least relavant to my ethical principles

Case #1: “Management in Action…Google’s Value Conflict With Demands From the Chinese Government”, pp. 98-99.china google

Question 1

The internal stakeholders that can be affected are the employee, especially from the marketing department and the shareholders of the company. They are positively affected by maintaining their goodwill by not compromising to the Chinese Government demand and retaining their values. However they are also negatively affected because the shareholders lost a market which would have helped the company to grow further and MAKE PROFIT which could have also lead the employees to have bonuses.

The external stakeholders that are affected by this decision are competitors, Chinese people and external investors. For competitors it is a good news because the Google decision have opened a new market for them. For Chinese government it is also a better move because they will find a company which can obey their laws. However this negatively affected the Chinese people by not having the services of Google and also the external investors who were interested in investing if the Google was providing its services in China.

Question 2


The political environment in China was not favorable for commencing a free business. The privacy of human right activist was being challenged.


The Google found it hard to remain censored. It become a disappointment to its fan in China.


The hacking of Gmail accounts was a legal threat to the company. The privacy of certain human right activist groups was being challenged which could have lead to legal disputes.


The Google Company found it hard to remain censored. He compromise on its principle of being free.

Question 3


For the greater good of the people I think the Google decision was not ethical because Chinese people were left out from using quality services of Google.


From the perspective of individual interest, I believe that Google decision was ethical because the decision was based on principle of freedom which was making Google special and attractive company for individuals to put their investments, hence the decision was ethical basing on long term benefit for the company.

Moral Rights

From the perspective of moral rights the decision of Google does not seem ethical because its decision did not showed respect for the people of China who were happy and willing to use the adapted version of Google services.


From the perspective of Justice I believe the Google was ethical in its decision because when we view fairness and equity, though they agreed that there will be censorship but never knew that Government would try to hack Gmail accounts to keep a check on individuals who believe in the services of Google for keeping their privacy important.

Question 4

In my opinion Google acted in socially responsible manner, as it followed the directions of the Chinese government. He removed the contents of the Google product from the Chinese market.

Question 5

In my opinion, Google has taken a wise decision by taking a stand on principle. This stand will make more profit for the company due to increased goodwill. Other than this, the revenue effect on the company was not much only a fraction of Google total revenue

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